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R22 Scrapage Scheme


If you have equipment containing the ozone depleting gas R22. You may be eligible for our "R22 scrapage scheme"


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Commercial Refrigeration Processing

We offer a wide range of solutions for industrial refrigeration/processing both standard & bespoke. Additionally we offer unmatched technical support & service levels. Based on many years experience in these market-places, we combine our resources to work with customers in designing and manufacturing bespoke commercial refrigeration solutions to meet any application.

These include condensers or evaporative condensers, cleanable coolers, special materials (including stainless, galvanised steel and hot-dipped galvanised steel), ammonia or glycol solutions & defrost options.

This allows refrigeration systems to be designed with confidence using correctly sized and matched equipment, leading to lower capital outlay and reduced running costs through improved energy efficiency. Unit selection is made based on the application not a catalogue.

With units ranging from 7.5kW up to 500KW at nominal conditions, and with many fan/discharge options available, there is a condenser to suit all industrial applications. Units can be specified with a choice of coil materials giving added protection in aggressive atmospheres, and circuiting can be specified to suit the requirements and layout of the refrigeration system(s). Certain units can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Refrigeration Units

Contact us to discuss your commercial refrigeration needs and we will be happy to advise. We are confident we can meet your requirements whatever they may be.

Areas we regularly cover:


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