Air Conditioning

As our climate here in the U.K is fast becoming unpredictable there has never been a greater need to control the temperature indoors. Our energy efficient climate control systems do just that, providing you with a comfortable environment for yourselves your staff & your customers. Many years ago air conditioning was a luxury here in the U.K, however it is fast becoming the norm to have either a cooling only systems or a climate control system producing both cooling & heating.


Heat Pumps

A heat pump is highly energy efficient; typically 1kW of electricity used by the compressor generates the equivalent of 3 or 4 or more kW of heating energy. The efficiency of the system depends on the design of many individual components, especially the compressor.Efficiency in heating is measured by C.O.P (Coefficient of Performance): C.O.P of 6.5 means the system gives 6.5kW of heating energy using only 1kW of electrical power.


At the heart of a heat pump is refrigerant – a chemical substance which gets hotter as it is compressed from gas to liquid state, and gets colder as it is allowed to expand from liquid to gas state.

Early refrigerants were CFCs (ChloroFluoroCarbons, such as R12) and HCFCs (Hydro ChloroFluoroCarbons, such as R22) which caused damage to earth's ozone layer if they escaped (eg from pipe leaks or during poor servicing). Cadeby Group Limited only supply air conditioning systems & heat pumps which use environmentally-friendly CO2, R134a, or R410a, a modern 'synthetic' refrigerant which has zero ozone depletion.

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