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Game Larders

All of our larders are manufactured to a very high specification using the latest technology. In addition to conforming to all regulations.

With a keen shooting owner of the business we decided to offer modular & bespoke game larders. These can be made to suit any environment & application, either indoor or outdoor. Game bird or deer hanging rails, with the added advantage of a track system if needed. Temperature ranges from plus 16 degrees to minus 18 degrees are achieved with carefully selected equipment. Heat load calculations & ambient temperatures are used for us to calculate your exact requirement. These rooms can be made to suit any size with any size door, hinged or sliding for ease of use when loading & unloading game.

As of 1st January 2006 it became a legal requirement for  all shot  game birds to be stored at 4°C or below. If you are selling game to a game dealer or supplying other customers with game you need a game larder or cold room. Once your game larder is installed we will help you register with your local authority as a food business under the new legislation

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